Please use this form to submit a Letter of Intent to apply for a Pilot Project grant from the NC NM4R.

The full Request for Applications is available on our website and for download in PDF format for your reference.

If you haven't previously downloaded the LOI document from our website, you can download the blank Letter of Intent template at this link in Word format. Complete it according to the instructions, and upload the completed document below.

Please contact Chris Schachte at if you have questions or problems.

Key Dates

RFA Release Date: August 1, 2022
Letter of Intent (LOI) Due Date: September 2, 2022 (11:59 pm EDT)
Invitation to Submit Sent: September 13, 2022
Send Budget for Review: October 17, 2022
Application Due Date: November 1, 2022 (5:00 pm EDT)
Anticipated Date of Award: May 1, 2023
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