Fitness is more fun with your friends! The Wellness Center would like to thank its members for inviting their friends and family to experience all the Wellness Center has to offer. Members can now earn a $50 REWARD on their account for each new membership they sponsor with our Refer a Friend program.
How It Works:
  1. Member completes the Refer A Friend Intake Form.
  2. Friend signs up for a Wellness Center membership with a 12 month agreement.
  3. Member and friend each receive a $50 account credit. Account credit can be applied towards membership dues or services.
Please read rules below regarding eligibility before submitting your friend referral:
  • Account credit will be rewarded approximately 8-12 weeks from the sign-up date. Memberships for both the referring member and referred member must be in good standing to receive the credit.
  • To receive the referral reward, members must complete the intake form before the friend signs up for a membership. The friend must sign up for a membership within 30 days of member submitting the intake form.
  • A new member must hold a membership in good standing for at least 3 months to qualify as a referring member. Shorter term memberships are not eligible to be a referring member. Other limitations may apply based on the referring member's membership type.
  • Referrals cannot be backdated.
  • The account credit maximum is $250 per year.
  • Account credits are only rewarded for new memberships with a 12 month agreement. New short term-memberships (less than 12 months) are not eligible for account credits. Anyone who canceled within one year of the sign-up date is not eligible to be a referral for a current member.
  • For members with a bank draft or credit card monthly payment option, account credits can be used towards monthly membership dues. For other members (including members with a prepaid membership), account credits can be used for Wellness Center services (e.g., personal training, programs, and body composition testing) or towards a future membership renewal.
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