Thank you for providing an MS-SLP applicant evaluation to the Medical University of South Carolina. The insight you provide is a valuable part of our admissions review process. To standardize the use of evaluations we would like to expand on the reference ratings already included in the CSDCAS application and allow you to include additional comments within this form, in lieu of a traditional letter of reference.

However, we have come to realize that the letters of recommendation in CSDCAS are not program-specific. We completely understand that individuals applying to multiple programs may not be comfortable with the upload of this form into the Evaluator Portal. To alleviate that concern, this online form will be delivered to MUSC's MS-SLP admissions committee and added to the applicant's MUSC admission file.

We appreciate your contribution to the graduate admissions process and hope that this is not an additional burden to your already full plate. Thank you for all you do for the growth of this profession.

Any questions can be directed to Lauren Dickerson ( / 843-792-2115), Assistant Director of Student Services - College of Health Professions.

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