Thank you in advance for providing this information. MUSC is committed to keeping patients and care team members (providers, faculty, staff and students) safe. By providing this information about your positive COVID-19 test result, you enable us to follow up with you to determine if you had high-risk contact with any patients or care team members while at work or school. All hospitals and labs are required by state law to report positive tests to DHEC, who may in turn request follow-up information from the individual or the health system. We will keep this information as confidential as possible. The information you provide will not be used for any disciplinary or peer review purposes- so please answer honestly.

The information you provide will also be used for the purposes of federal reporting to OSHA, that is your answers will be used to help determine if your COVID-19 was linked to any exposures while working at MUSC Health.

This form will take you 15-45 minutes to complete. The MUSC Contact Trace Team will be in touch by phone to complete an interview that covers the same information if you do not complete this survey within 12 hours of receipt.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep your colleagues and patients safe!

The MUSC COVID-19 Contact Tracing Team

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