Please be sure that prior to completing this REDCap survey, you have submitted an "External Affiliate NetID Form" request in SPARCRequest. You will be asked to provide your SPARC request number below.

Complete this form to extend an existing External Affiliate NetID, terminate an existing one, or to request a new "External Affiliate NetID". This type of limited access NetID is appropriate for non-MUSC research staff (i.e. community partners, off-campus staff) who, for study purposes, need access to the eIRB, REDCap, CITI training, and/or SPARC Request systems. Access will be limited to these four systems.

If an MUSC email address, badge, or access to any other MUSC systems (ex. MUSC library, Epic, etc.) is needed, investigators should contact HR to obtain a traditionally sponsored MUSC NetID with all privileges.

Questions? Contact the SUCCESS Center at

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