1. Please complete the below data collection form (DCF) in REDCap at the time of discharge or death. Data will appear in the DMC19 database once entry and verification are complete.
  2. We aim to capture inpatients with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, regardless of whether they have digestive manifestations. After prevalence is defined in hospitalized patients, and as the numbers grow, we may focus on patients who are known to have GI manifestations and/or include outpatients.
  3. Please make all efforts to collect data on the first 50-100 consecutive patients at your hospital or health system.
  4. Eligible patients can and should be identified by any means necessary, which may include, but is not limited to, institutional laboratory records, data warehouse queries, electronic health record research subject identification tools/dashboards, and discussions with the infectious disease or critical care services, etc. You may elect to use the emergency ICD-10 code of U07.1 – 2019-nCov acute respiratory disease – to help identify eligible patients.
  5. Please triple check data for accuracy before submission. Although we are performing central data monitoring, we cannot verify incoming data against source documents, nor are we performing on-site monitoring visits. Therefore, the overall quality of the data is assured primarily at the site level.
  6. Along the lines of #5, coordinators should confer with a clinician during data collection to ensure that clinical context is accounted for as much as possible in the interpretation of questions that involve an element of subjectivity.
  7. All data fields should have affirmative, negative, and unknown options. Therefore, missing data will be assumed to be inadvertent and this will generate a query.
  8. Please maintain a secure key at your site that allows patient identification on the basis of subject ID#. This may be used in the future for to collect data pertaining to long-term outcomes.
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